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Publisher to InDesign


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โญ Publisher to InDesign version 2.1.3

Publisher to InDesign is a must-have app for anyone who want to read, edit, or convert MS Office Publisher documents for use in Adobe InDesign. It allows direct conversion and opening of MS Publisher documents in InDesign. Adobe InDesign is one of the most popular desktop publishing apps in the world, so you can easily edit your MS Publisher document in InDesign, save as InDesign document format, and reuse it.

El Captan Publisher_to_InDesign_vers_2.1.7_WSFHFk.dmg
Updated iMac JvVDhg-Publisher-to-InDesign-v.3.1.3.tar.gz
OS X LZrB_Publisher_to_InDesign_vers_2.4.3.zip
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Canyua Software

Version MacBook aszP_v.2.0_ReText.pkg (9462 kbytes) 1.4
Best on El Captan RfvO7t.Scherlokk.4.1.tar.gz (7661 kbytes) 3.1.4
Updated version SERATO-DJ-VERS- (128253 kbytes)
New for 10.11.5 fbk1O3-vers.16.0.1-iTPV.dmg (44556 kbytes) 15.1.1
Updated version YVMYWG-SPARKLE-APPCAST-PIXIE-VERS-2.0.ZIP (4647 kbytes) 3.0
Recomended on 10.11.5 Compress.ver.1.0.1.D2k.zip (7603 kbytes) 1.0.7
10.13.5 VER.-3.3.6-ELEMENTS-LAB-IAWBP.ZIP (63959 kbytes) 3.2.4