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CalendarPlus for Outlook


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CalendarPlus for Outlook

CalendarPlus for Outlook vers 1.6.2

CalendarPlus for Outlook is a simple calendar which allows users to access Outlook Calendar faster, and without the need for a web browser. Users will be able to add events quickly and sync them right away. Features - Easy to add events and share with friends - Open multiple windows with Cmd-N and browse more calendars - Open app from status menu bar - Define a hotkey to open app faster from keyboard - Chat over Skype by using the app - Use custom app buttons to make operations easier - Open app at login - Print calendars

Featured! version ver.-1.6.4-calendarplus-for-outlook-yzd.zip
on MacBook Pro MlJ03y.CalendarPlus.for.Outlook.v.1.6.1.dmg
Featured! version s9S7u-1.5.3-CalendarPlus-for-Outlook.zip
Best! version CalendarPlus-for-Outlook-ver.-3.6.2-Y0KLK.dmg


Best for MacBook Air TNJ0N4-HARMONEYE-V-3.4.TAR.GZ (6381 kb) 1.8
Best to MacOS SUD4-OMNI-RECOVER-VER.-2.4.4.ZIP (14413 kb) 4.4.0
Best 10.12.4 pi3ZY_ver_1.0.7_Majic.dmg (1445 kb) 1.1.4
Best on Mac Pro VERS.1.0.3_BINOCULAR_3YRNHN.DMG (1333 kb) 1.0.5
New MacOS TBi.vers.3.0.6.RedGreen.dmg (986 kb) 3.2.3