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Stupid Game ... Fact: Your brain shrinks if you don't use it enough, keep your brain from shrinking via the Stupid game Stupid Game is a brand new way to test your own brain and the one of your family and friends. In many different games your reaction, knowledge and a lot of more is tested. Are you clever enough to end the game? The game was build together with professional Psychologist who helps to create the different games and puzzle. But don`t be a afraid the main reason to play this game is having fun together with others. The gameplay is designed to be very easy so you only need your finger to be successful and yes don`t forget your brain ;) Now also available for your Mac. Including more than 60 new level.

for El Captan Stupid-Game-v.2.4-rz9JY.app | 22978 kbytes |
to MacBook VER._3.0_STUPID_GAME_DD94Y.TAR.GZ | 22456 kbytes |
Version iMac fgv_Stupid_Game_version_2.2.zip | 20889 kbytes |
on OS X STUPID_GAME_4.0_PKS0VR.TAR.GZ | 25589 kbytes |
New 10.12 stupid-game-2.3-tapr5p.app | 28723 kbytes |
Updated version BRNE9W.STUPID.GAME.V.2.1.DMG | 29767 kbytes |
to Mac Pro 7VL9XF-Stupid-Game.pkg | 29506 kbytes |

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El Captan PJGPF-FONESYNC-FOR-LG-PHONES-V.1.0.7.ZIP [8294 kbytes] 3.0.6
Recomended for 10.12.5 Cocktails-v.1.3-45UIpX.zip [107376 kbytes] 1.1
Updated version ICOLLECT_COINS_&_TOKENS_V_1.2_YU8.PKG [7208 kbytes] 2.0
on Mac mini iPhoneScreenGrabber-v.3.2-1Z3e.pkg [23080 kbytes] 2.3
Recomended on MacOS TEMPLATES-FOR-KEYNOTE-6.3.5-CR6SL.PKG [20136 kbytes] 6.0